Realized for BRAUN

Designed with: Matteo Moretti

Exhibition of Zefiro in “Reflection Design driven by the future” for Fuorisalone 2019

Exhibition of Zefiro in “Art and Design Education: Future Lab” West Bund Art Center di Shanghai


Zefiro is a Dryer designed to produce edible powder from food waste. The project is based on reducing waste in the kitchen, transforming different types of food into powder. Thanks to Zefiro, the “waste” of fruit and vegetables (like the peels) can turn into powder, without compromising the nutrients contained in this food. In addition, powder can also improve portability and storage, reducing space and increasing product life.

Reducing waste

in the kitchen

We as a customer buy more food than we need, and for this reason one third of the food is thrown away every day. More precisely, in Italy, a family wastes about 1.5 kg of food a week. The largest amount of waste in the kitchen is in fruits and vegetables and all natural products. Sometimes we throw away parts of the foods that could be used. For example vegetable and fruit peels that actually are a high source of vitamins and nutrients.

Reuse the peels

The user can bring the cap-container diractly to the table using as a container to collect the fruit peels during dinner.

Quick and Easy

The user can also decide to place the food directly in the glass body. The top part of Zefiro attaches to the base by rotating so that it locks. At the end of the drying process, the user extracts the glass body.

Rotate and Collect

At the end of the process the user will have obtained a completely dried powder. Turning the glass body the powder falls directly into the cap. The cap will collect the powder produced.


The Zefiro interface is a touch interface. The user can choose the level of drying of the powder to be obtained. There are three drying levels and the time varies from 5 to 25 minutes. The other 3 button are for Star/Stop the process, Use the blender or the Hot air.

Drying Process

Zefiro use a technology that works with a jet of hot air that allows the food to be dried in a very short time.
Zefiro is equipped with a blender that blends the food in order to obtain the desired powder.

Edible Powder

The powder  can extends the life of food, in fact, is a long-lasting product, but at the same time, it is natural and healthy without compromising the nutrients of food. The uses of powder are many. The powder can be dissolved in water, used with an infuser in order to make an hot drink, used  like a topping  or to give a unique flavour to your recipes.

Fancy and Tasty

Powder containers, can be used to serve the powder and decorate dishes or used as a dressing for salads and other dishes.

Powder like

pepper and salt

The powder can become a new habit for the user who can serve his dishes in a new way. Giving more value and using the whole parts of the fruits and vegetables.

I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.

Mother Teresa