Politecnico di Milano

Integrated Product Design, School of Design

Realized for DA-A

Designed with: Cosimo Fedele, Linda Salvatori and Wang Danhua

Exhibition of Them in Politecnico di Milano: DesignXDesigner for Fuorisalone 2017

Them Collection

The project was developed for DAA. A brand born from a company specialized in the mechanical and metalworking sector, which has used this know-how to realize metal furniture. Them Collection is a family of metal furniture that arises from the need to change the perception of the metal sheet. In fact, the metal, cold and rigid, has been treated like a fabric, emulating its folds and softness.  The collection consists of an armchair (Her), a sofa (Him) and a coffee table (It). The latter is equipped with coat hanger, in two height variants.

The Goal

Change the perception of metal.

The project was born from the question: How to make the metal less rigid and cold and more suitable for a comfortable seat?

Them for contract

Designed mainly for contract use, the armchairs have been designed to be disassembled in order to transport furniture more easily. 

Waiting areas

The elements can be aggregated, to better adapt to waiting areas such as airports and hotel lobbies.

The Collection

IT the Coffee Table

HIM the sofa

HER the Armchair

What do you think after seeing Them?

Can metal be as soft as a fabric?