Politecnico di Milano

Light Art and Design

Designed with: Chiara Brambilla, Rocìo Monedero and Inés Olmedo


Graphic Concept for Lightquake Exhibition in Spoleto and Gubbio, dedicated to raising funds for reconstruction after the earthquake in Abruzzo. The brief consisted of creating the coordinated image and information material for the exhibition, plus proposing an idea for the exhibitors of the pieces of art to be exhibited.

The Moon

like a guide

The idea was to use the symbol of the Moon for representing the light into the darkness, so the rebirth of the cities after the eathquake. 

Brochure with Exhibition map



The brief was to set up the main hall of the Rocca Albornoziana in Spoleto. The idea was to use the symbol of the Moon and the transparent fabric to give the idea of a magical and nocturnal atmosphere.


Information Totem

Exhibition Maquette

Exhibition Maquette