Health&Care Summer School 2019

DDMP – Distributed Design Market Platform  

Realized for OPENDOT

Designed with: Pamela Caldarini, Serpil Erdönmez, Lara Ferruccio, Martina Spinelli and Marco Bencivenga

Exhibition of Fi.Co at MakerFaire Rome 2019


The project is the result of collaboration among five designers, Pamela and Opendot, we tried to
understand and fullfill her her patient needs.
How could we improve the starting pair of
gloves? Fi.Co (Finger Counting) is a pair of glove that allows children with dyscalculia to learn, understand and memorize math, in particular, the table numbers. Wearing FI.CO gloves, children can play while they learn, making it easier to memorize arithmetic calculations and table numbers.


for dyscalculia

It is scientifically proven that counting with fingers can help the brain to memorize and this process is particularly useful, especially for the child with dyscalculia.


The aim was to make the kids perceive the memorization of table numbers as a game in order to relieve the stress and
anxiety associated with homework.


for dyscalculia

The gloves have fixed and changeable printed numbers. The fixed numbers
(from 1 to 10) are positioned on the back of the hand. On the palm instead the child will be able to see the result of the multiplication.

Play and Lean

The results are printed on the interchangeable layer.

In the packaging there are two levels for each table number and the layers are replaceable on the glove.

Open Souce

The project – created thanks to the support of the FabLab in Milan OpenDot, is Opensource which means that we will share with you the whole material necessary to make your gloves.
At this link you can find everything you need.
Folder Material
For more information about the project consult the Welder website