Realized for MIDEA

Designed with: Jacopo Nalin and Davide Giuliano


A series of three concepts designed during a workshop for the Chinese company Midea. Midea, a manufacturer of household appliances, has requested the design of new bathroom concepts suitable for the Asian market. We analyzed the market and the Chinese habits in the bathrooms, comparing them with the European culture and some important differences emerged, from which three different concepts were born. A WATER HEAETER a BIN  and DEHUMIDIFIER.

1° Concept: Water Heater


Usually in Chinese bathrooms the water heating system is always present even if the space available is very limited. For this reason we have chosen to work on a compact and space-saving water heater that recycles the water collected by the dehumidifier for new showers.

Boiler +

Shower +


Electric Water Heating System that cobines the features of three different appliances, Boiler, Shower, and Dehumidifier, in order to save space and optimize water consumption in the bathroom environment.

One of the elements of the Delta concept is to take advantage of the humidity of the shower.
Reusing the water recovered from the dehumidifier for the shower itself.

During the 8 minute shower the humidity in the room rises to> 90%.
During an activity time of ≈ 30 minutes of the dehumidifier, ≈ 500ml of water can be collected per shower.


Clean and Minimal

The shape is different from the traditional boilers and is closer to the world of shower heads. The rounded shape allows, in addition, to have more space on the side parts of the shower box, thus perceiving the dimensions of the object less voluminous.

2° Concept: Dehumidifier


Moisture and mold are very common problems in the bathroom if there is poor ventilation. Nevertheless, the bathroom is the comfort zone of the house, which is why it should convey well-being to the person.

Use the power

of the Nature…

Some plants can live in humid environments and have the ability to purify the air and reduce indoor pollution, thus having beneficial effects on the person.

How it works

  • The dehumidifier collects the water in the air.
  • The collected water is used for the plants.
  • Plants are also useful as a natural air purifier


of the Plants

A red light indicates if the plant needs additional water.

There is a sensors inside the pots to check the health of the plants

3° Concept: Smart Bin 


Typically in China toilet paper is thrown away in a bin near the toilet, because the drainage system can easily clog up. The idea is to combine the bin with the toilet brush creating a self-cleaning bin container that preserves unpleasant odours and sanitises the contents.



  • The front sensor detects garbage and opens the lid without the user touching it to preserve hygiene
  • When the bin is closed the garbage is exposed to an ultraviolet radiation that disinfects against bacteria

The toilet brush automatically turns to deposit the dirt in a basin which can then be emptied.