Politecnico di Milano

Integrated Product Design, School of Design

Realized for ROTHO

Designed with: Cosimo Fedele, Linda Salvatori and Wang Danhua


Alpi is a family of polypropylene boxes. Designed for Rotho a Swiss company and one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of household goods. produces The project takes inspiration from Swiss landscapes and the morphology of ice. Each box is designed as a piece of furniture and has its own identity in space. The asymmetrical shape allows a mutable visualization of containers  in base of the perspective of observation. 


by nature

Enclose in a storage box the meaning of the word “Swissness” in nature. Taking inspiration from nature to create a box with a strong personality that differs from the company’s standard

The identity

of the ice

The shape and colors are inspired by the ice and the Swiss mountains. It is not just a box but a piece of furniture thanks to the identity of its design.

One for each room

Alpi is a series of storage boxes with a very strong personality that integrates into the environment without making noise.  

Different Sizes

The collection has been designed in different sizes to better adapt to the needs of the user and the different rooms of the house.